What can AURELIS mean to you?


Nine intense training days of communication and growth

More than 1.200 sessions on 240 domains of health and deep wellness

  • AURELIS offers sessions of autosuggestion and relaxation.
    • Sleeping better
    • Becoming slim
    • Chronic pain
    • Depression
    • [26855]...
    More than 1,200 sessions on more than 240 domains. Most domains are domains of health and wellness. For instance:
  • You listen to a prerecorded voice. But ultimately it is you, as user, who communicates with your deeper self or unconscious! 100% without aggression and at your own rhythm.
  • You choose your own music, video, intro and exit for each new session.
  • Health is more than the absence of disease. AURELIS helps you to grow as a total person. You experience deep meaning and sense.
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A sound scientific method

  • Scientists gain more and more insight into how our psyche influences the body. We learn how to use the power of the unconscious for more health and deep wellness.
  • AURELIS has developed practical tools to that effect: more than 1,200 sessions of autosuggestion and relaxation in more than 240 domains.
  • AURELIS carries out scientific research into the effects of autosuggestion and relaxation on health.

Experiences of deep meaning and joy

  • Health is far more than the absence of disease.
  • Therefore, healing is never the same as suppressing pain, illness...
  • Health is also growing as a total person. Health is also experiencing deep meaning and joy.
    • Deep motivation
    • Enjoying life
    • Open mindfulness
    • And many, many others...
    [26869]That is why AURELIS also has sessions of autosuggestion and relaxation on domains of wellness and work. For instance:

Certification as AURELIS Coach

  • After the 9-day training you receive the AURELIS Coach certificate.
  • AURELIS products will help you to build your personal practice as an AURELIS Coach.
  • We support with practical information.
  • As an AURELIS Coach you get your personal page on our website.
  • AURELIS members can consult you as coach.
  • You have lifelong access to all AURELIS sessions in all domains, and other AURELIS products.

A Growing Community

  • AURELIS gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas with others. And to share enthusiasm!
  • AURELIS coaches support members on their personal path to increased health, deep meaning and joy.
  • AURELIS is offered in English and in Dutch. Soon it will be available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, ... Our community will become a worldwide community.

Financial opportunities

  • All AURELIS members can consult you as a coach. To support you in your coaching, we developed the ‘Online Video Coaching’ application. AURELIS members can consult you as coach at an hourly rate of 50 EUR or more at your choice... You receive 90% of that amount.
  • You can make use of the Email Coaching Module. Clients pay 10 EUR or more for every email they send you and get an answer from you. You receive 90% of that amount.
  • You have free access to tools and publications to organize AURELIS workshops yourself at a rate of 170 EUR or more per participant.