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This is the site for AURELIS coaches. Even if you are not a coach, you can look around at this site and gain an open view on how we see training and support of those who support you.

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For present or future coaches

The ACI is responsible for training and further support of AURELIS coaches.

We take our efforts to train AURELIS coaches seriously. Masters in clinical psychology can use AURELIS within therapy. As such, you can work on the psychological side of many psycho-somatic issues, including chronic pain etc. Others can use it as a coaching tool within specific domains, such as sports or business related.

If you think this is something for you, then please take a look around. As an introduction, you may also read the small AURELIS e-books.

New training sessions will be announced soon.

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DISCLAIMER: working with AURELIS and an AURELIS Coach is never a substitute for necessary medical care and therapy!


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