Opportunities for AURELIS® Coaches

  • use of AURELIS products

  • entitlement to ask €50 or more, including VAT, for AURELIS online video consultations. You receive 90% of that amount.

  • use of the AURELIS Email Coaching Module (AEC) for your personal clients. Your client pays €10 or more for each e-mail. You receive 90% of that amount.

  • access to digital material for personal workshops (Manual, PowerPoint slides...). Workshops currently are: Quit smoking, Becoming Slim. These workshops can be given at a rate of € 170 or more per participant, excluding VAT.

  • organize and lead AURELIS workshops and encounter groups

  • give AURELIS lectures at local associations

  • enjoy new career opportunities in business after additional AURELIS certification (i.e. after additional training)

  • your personal page as AURELIS Coach at the AURELIS website

  • free download of the content of training days and follow-up days

  • digital material for giving AURELIS readings (Manual, PowerPoint slides...)

  • further support, possibility to ask questions via email (AURELIS coaching cases)

  • access to AURELIS Coaches Forum online

  • 26678]a growing AURELIS community!

  •  ...

a continuous and never-ending growth of yourself as a total person.

+ At specific cost:

both for those who have only followed the training course, as for AURELIS Coaches with an own practice

  • one-on-one intervision sessions, where you can present and discuss concrete cases of coaching

  • continued access to regular follow-up days (3 or 4 times a year) and the possibility to invite personal guests

  • continued access to annual two-day meditation sessions with the possibility to invite personal guests

We support you in developing your practice.